Vocal Work

The human voice is our earliest, most natural instrument for primary expression and communication. Our voice gives us the opportunity to make contact with not only ourselves but also with our environment. Our voices are powerfully connected to our inner self. How we use our voice and how we sound is deeply connected to who we are and how we feel.

When we sing, we are connected to our breath, our bodies and our emotions.

Singing is a powerful tool in connection to our voice. Through this work we can discover who we really are. Singing is also a powerful tool, assisting with speech disabilities: singing can strengthen the respiratory system, reduce fluency and voice disorders, and improve articulation.

The voice has a very important role in the therapy. I offer a safe space to connect with one’s true voice. To explore and discover how we sound and how we can sound. My approach includes the use of vocal improvisation, singing and song writing, as well as other techniques driven by my training as a singer and music therapist.